Mindful Master is an online meditation center dedicated to the practice of mindfulness. Our instructors have offered mindfulness classes, spiritual retreats, and leadership training for over two decades. 

We have served thousands of people, and include in-person and online opportunities such as Introduction to Mindfulness, half-day retreats, Mindful Self-Compassion, and Mindful Based Stress Reduction. 

We invite you to 'Be a Mindful Master' by awakening to the present moment and generating an attitude of acceptance and ease. Allow us to guide you in cultivating a life of mindfulness, wisdom, generosity, and compassion.

What others say

about learning with Mindful Master

A Wonderful Treasure!

Clare M.

I took this course right after one of my best friends passed away. I was struggling with overthinking everything, then this course came along and truly helped me relax and quiet my mind. It also opened my eyes to the things I do and helped me become more aware of my surroundings. The instructor was also open to answering questions and made sure I understood the meditations! So glad I took this course!

An open window to the world of mindfulness

Connie N.

I have dealt with severe anxiety and depression for many years now. I wanted to do something to help me refocus my energy and thoughts. Andrew's voice was so calming and relaxing. This program helped me to focus and I have used the techniques to help during times of anxiety. I would recommend this program to anyone!

Live and Love More!

Debra C.

I had three goals when I signed up for the mindfulness course: become more attuned with my body, quiet my mind to find the peace within, and learn to move thru the aches and pains brought about by aging. Andrew’s calm, soothing voice was pleasant to listen to. He did an excellent job of explaining and guiding us through the meditations. By practicing the guided meditations, listening to the talks, taking part in the chats, and doing the suggested practices throughout the week, I achieved my goals and so much more! Today I find myself living more - aware of the present moment and mindful of my connectedness to not only my humanity but all of humanity. I also learned I like yoga! I believe this course would be of benefit to everyone!

Finding myself

Samantha T.

Mindful Master is a wonderful journey to realizing how mindfulness influences and benefits every aspect of my life. I apply this knowledge to the struggles of working from home and to difficult family relationships. I have learned a much-needed appreciation for taking time for myself. I discovered the benefit of grounding myself in the present moment, noticing my surroundings, and checking in with my feelings - it has been truly enlightening, and I am excited to join the next course!

Come and meditate with us!

Our passion is to be truly present! We love nothing more than sharing our knowledge and love for mindfulness with others. So, what are you waiting for? Come and learn meditation with us. We're certain you are going to love it!

Guiding Instructor

Hi, I'm Andrew Paul. My mom wanted to be a nun. That might explain why I’ve spent time in both Benedictine and Buddhist Monasteries. I am a public speaker, wellness seeker, and mindfulness evangelist with more than two decades of experience guiding spiritual retreats, leading workshops, and speaking at leadership and spiritual conferences. I'm passionate about exploring my own humanity and am deeply thrilled for this opportunity to share the gift of mindfulness with you!